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FIP Treatment Protocols



FIP should be treated as a disease of exclusion.  Basically, what that means is to rule out all other possibilities before resorting to a FIP diagnosis.  The wet form of FIP is more conclusive when the effusion is tested positive for FIP.  However, in the dry form of FIP, there isn't that notorious "straw-colored FIP fluid."  So, it is important to know other diseases with symptoms that bare some similarity to FIP. 


So far to date, there is no cure for FIP.  There are palliative treatment protocols for the comfort of the cat or kitten.  These will be described below.  The most promising treatment protocol currently is Polyprenyl Immunostimulant and it has been used with some success in the earlier stages of the disease for prolonging the lives of cats with the dry form of FIP. Take a look below at the links if you are interested in further information.



Diseases with symptoms similar to FIP

  • Tritrichomonas Foetus - causes large bowel diarrhea that may be malodorous and contain blood and mucus. 

  • Calicivirus - causes fever, nasal discharge, sneezing, stomatitis (ulceration of the mouth), uveitis of the eyes.

  • FELV - causes fever, sneezing, stomatitis, uveitis, effusion, nasal discharge, lymphoma, granuloma, weight loss, bowel habit changes, anemia.

  • FIV - causes stomatitis, gingivitiis, diarrhea, weight loss, lymphosarcoma, anemia.

  • Bartonella Henselae - causes stomatitis, possible fever, muscle pain, IBD, eye problems.


Polyprenyl Immunostimulant (Dry FIP)

http://sassandsass.com/pages/products/polyprenyl/fip/  The creators of Polyprenyl Immunostimulant.  This is a possible treatment to help prolong the lives of cats with the Dry form of FIP.

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Oak-Ridge-TN/Polyprenyl-Immunostimulant/229781391324?v=wall   This is their Facebook page.

http://www.stevedalepetworld.com/print-archive/tribune-media-services/weekly-q-a-a/429-latest-on-new-possible-fip-treatment-called-pi  Steve Dale discusses this drug.


Palliative Care Options (This is comfort care)

http://www.dr-addie.com/treatmentprinter.html  Dr. Addie discusses the options for care other then Polyprenyl Immunostimulant here.



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