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Thank You


First & foremost, thank you to our dear veterinarian, Dr. Pete Magnuson, Siren Veterinary & Grantsburg Veterinary clinics, who did absolutely everything humanly possible to help our sweet boy. Also, to the great people at both clinics who were very helpful & kind. Thank you for the card & forget-me-not flowers which we will plant in the spring for Josie.
 Thank you to Dr. Theresa Herbers, the doctor at the University of Minnesota Small Animal Veterinary Hospital, the evening we brought our sweet baby in for hopeful treatment. She was very kind, caring and willing to do whatever she could for us to help our boy.
 Dr. Jason Squibb, U of M, who went above & beyond to see if he could find something to help our dear boy. He had Josie all day, taking him from one testing area to another.  He fell in love with our little man, calling him "the little trooper". He cried with us when we  said Goodbye to the greatest cat on Earth. When we were done cradling Josie, he held the lifeless body of our guy like it was precious china. I appreciated that more than he will ever know.
 Thank you so much to our dear daughter GinaLee, because she is the one that blessed me with Josie. What a great Mothers Day gift, 2002. She met us at the U of M hospital to be with us when we left our dear boy overnight. She brought us a beautiful gift basket (which Sulley now sleeps in) with flowers, food & drinks - because we hadn't eaten & a "Get well card" for Josie. Josie loved seeing her there. Gina was also there for us when we had to say goodbye. It was only fitting, she gave him to us and she was there to say goodbye to him. Thank you Gina., it meant more to us than you will ever know.
 Thank you SO very much to our dear, wonderful friends, Cynthia & Eric Nichols for their help before, during & after losing our love.
 Such appreciation goes to our awesome friends, Marsha & Mike Stockton from Oklahoma, who sent us the most incredible gift when I needed it most. A beautiful statue of an angel holding a cat, which is placed next to Josie's bronze urn on his memorial shelf. This gift will be honored forever. We love you!
 Thank you to our other children, Shannon & Brendan. Shannon, Justin, Linden & Linnea for the e-card expressing sympathy for our loss & many phone calls. Brendan & Paulina for the continued phone calls to let us know they care. It is family support that helps right now, & I am struggling with such deep grief.
 A special thank you to Sherin, a wonderful person I met in the Yahoo FIP Support Group,who made the beautiful Memorial graphic of Josie and re-designed Josie's FIP Memorial site.  Thank you so much Sherin, your generousity overwhelms me!
 Thank you for the most wonderful card & heartfelt sentiments from my dear Aunt Dolly, Lynette Mathiason. It brought tears to my eyes.
 Thank you also, to the FIP group on Yahoo.com for all of their support, advice & lots of love. I thank all of you for being there for me & my husband when we were begging & searching for help.
 I have many awesome friends on Pogo.com, also that were so very caring, loving & supportive. The greatest of all these friends is Glenda Ward. Dearest Glenda befriended me when I truly needed a friend. She sent me cards, e-mails and she even sent an incredible memorial bench. I will add a gift page to show the wonderful things that were given to us to honor Josie. A friend of Glenda's, Chris, was also a great and helpful support.
 A lot of people do not understand the depth of pain that comes to someone who has had a true companion pet, or for us, a pet that was treated and acted like our child. For those that do and have understood our terrible loss, we thank you so much. Each e-mail, phone call, card, etc. meant so much to us. We hope to never have to deal with an untimely loss of our loves again.



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