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Pet Parents: Kristie

Rainbow Bridge Arrival Date: Undisclosed


TJ's Moment: The start of my story was my beautiful TJ, my world, even now nearly two years on my heart is breaking writing about my wonderful angel. When i lost him i lost half my heart. I was 15 years old when he came into my life. I'd begged my parents for a cat for years but they said no as i would get too attached which i denied vehmenently. Finally one Christmas i opened my main gift which was a scratch post and cat bed.... I don't think i had ever been so excited. On the 11th January we went to the RSPCA shelter. I was convinced I wanted a tabby girl called CJ but when i got there and sat in front of the cages and they let the kittens out and a beautiful chubby black and white blued eyed kitten climbed up on my knee and claimed me as his own. I renamed him TJ, Thomas Jefferson after my love of the US and he was know fondly as Thomas, Teej and TJ. I'd never seen anything so beautiful. I truly can't tell you my favourite moment after that because they were all amazing. An amazing 15 years before he was taken away with liver cancer. They gave him 2 days to live but with the love we had for each other he managed 2 and a half months. The biggest tribute to him was my friends being grief stricken at his death as in their words he wasn't a cat he was a furry mini-human.



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