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Pet Parents: Isabel

Rainbow Bridge Arrival Date: December 25, 2007


Sammy's Moment: This is Sammy at six months old, only one month before FIP took him away from me. At first I wanted to call him "Mulder", like the X-Files character, but nobody at home liked that name. They said it was too serious for such a small thing. So together with my brothers and my mom we decided to call him Sam like in Samwise, Frodo's friend in the Lord of the Rings, but I ended up calling him "Sammy". He was only six weeks when I adopted him. He was the happiest little kitten. My brother's cat, Wes, loved him from the very beginning, and Sammy loved just everyone around. He followed me everywhere and he lied on my desk while I worked. When my friends came over he would jump on them, smell them, and look at them with trusting eyes. But I think he didn't like my boyfriend very much, since when he came over Sammy would always come between us, his body in tension, in a a state of alert, like trying to protect me. He loved food of all kinds, especially raw hamburgers. He ate a lot; my little nephew said he was like a vaccum-cleaner because he would eat anything that would come in his way. And he purred... he purred all the time. My Sammy was a blessing, a gift of life, and I miss him every day. Your human mom loves you, Sammy: thanks for sharing your short life with me.



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