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Pet Parents: Paula

Rainbow Bridge Arrival Date: May 3, 2007


Poncho's Moment: We got Poncho with his sister Phoebe, and they both distinguished themselves immediately! While Phoebe tore around the house, with exuberance and strength, playing with anything that moved, Poncho always moved thoughtfully and deliberately, grabbing that toy mouse in his mouth and working it for a very long time! Many times I found little toy mice in my sneakers. He loved to watch hockey games on TV with my boyfriend, and if you happened to be wearing a warm woolly sweater, he'd be on your lap, purring and kneading his paws on you like crazy. He also loved to burrow way under the blankets in my bed, and curl up against my stomach, in a very warm place! When he got too weak to keep up with Phoebe, his favorite pastime was lying on my daughter's lap with a favorite sweater, kneading, purring, closing his eyes in pleasure. In fact, we gave him a dose of "sweater" several times a day, up until a day or two before he died, when he no longer wanted it. He was a sweet, considerate and loving little guy, and I will miss him forever.



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