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Pet Parent: Doug White

Rainbow Bridge Arrival Date: September 18, 2012


Poe's Moment: We got Poe as a rescue kitty at 2 years old. He had been mistreated and was very scared. It took six months for him to trust us..in 2008 I hurt my back and was bed bound for nearly a year. He refused to leave my side. My ex, having better things to do, stopped caring for him, I would wheel around the house in a chair and feed him and clean his litter box. He stopped wanting anything to do with my ex and refused to let her be alone in the room with me. He saved my life. Today, I could not do the same for him. He had FIP (WET) you see and stopped eating and only wanted to be cuddled or left alone. My current wife and I are devastated by this loss. She sang to him gently until she was told that he was gone. He died looking into her eyes. He did not die alone. We had a special bond. One that I have never had with another animal, and I miss him so much. I wanted him to stay as long as possible but I knew he was suffering and only hanging on for us. He tried so hard to get better. To eat. And to perk up. I let him go, but will never forget him.

He was 8 years old..it wasn't supposed to happen. He was an adult in the prime of his life. I havent stopped crying for weeks. He wasnt ready to go and I wasnt ready to lose him. But his little body was so weak he had trouble lifting his head up to look at me, but he still did. I am his father amd always will be.

His name was Poe, but I always called him popers. I knew I was his dad the day he jumped through a screen after a bird and I hobbled out to find him, he was looking at me dazed and apologetic. He never did it again. I miss my baby boy.




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