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Pet Parents: Evelyn and David

Rainbow Bridge Arrival Date: October 3, 2008


Judah's Moment:  Our life with Judah started with much anticipation. He was an F2 Savannah meaning he had a grandparent that was an African Serval.  We shopped as a family for toys expecting a high octane cat!!! We spent $225 on toys, yes I know what a spoiled boy. We talked about names for months we bought him in March but he did not arrive until May. We decided on Judah and it fit him perfectly.  Judah arrived and would not come out of the carrier for 6 hours. We thought it was a Savannah thing but realized very soon he was totally unsocialized. He hissed and growled at us for months.  I received the brunt of it because I was home with him all the time. I would be sitting or laying on the couch and get a rude awakening with his claws flying across my face. Judah would just walk or run by and swipe me across the face.  BUT the more he would have nothing but nastiness for me. The more bound and determined I became to get him to love me.  And love me he did. He would lay in wait around corners waiting to attack me. Then he would run as fast as he could away and hide again. I would laugh sooo hard I thought I would pee my pants!!!  Thus began Judah's and my games of hide and seek.  I was not as good at it as Judah was because I would get to laughing as he would be seeking me. I could never hide without peeking and seeing him trying to sneak down the hall to find me would crack me up!!!!! We soon learned just as a child prefers pots and pans to store bought toys, so it was with Judah. The way to his heart became a long leather shoe string. He would try with ALL his might to ignore that string but it was just too much. He soon became fast friends with anyone in possession of that string. His other favorite toy was an empty gal. milk jug. He would tote them around. Take running dives and jump on them.  Play soccer with them. Much to everyone distress in the middle of the night if the milk jug did not get taken out to the recycling bin before bed. It sounded like a herd of elephants!!!! Soo much for all those toys he never really played with ANY of the bought ones! HA He grew and grew and grew!!!Soon he could reach the bathroom sink faucets he LOVED to play in water. He was also tall enough to reach the top of the stove and he was my constant companion in the kitchen. I had to stop cooking on the front two burners for fear he would burn his paws. I had to feed him before starting to cook even if he had just ate just so I could make a meal for the rest of us. One time I was making deviled eggs I had two dozen cooked halves waiting to be filled sitting (all the wait back) on the counter.  The phone rang and it was for one of the kids who was outside sooo out the door I went, I just opened the door to come back in and saw in slow motion the cookie sheet full of deviled egg halves flying thru the air. Judah picked up the biggest one in a flash and took off running. He also had a fetish for our one sons washcloth. That son is ALL boy and as such we figured it was becuase the washcloth smelled like a wild animal. But Judah loved to carry that around and growl and shake and throw it around. Any thing that Judah "took" could be found on his favorite rug.  Which was never in the same place because he would tote that rug(2x3) wherever he felt like hanging out. I'm a hugger and kisser and Judah would have NO part of it.  One day my sister was here with her family and I was talking about how Judah had done this and that and how much I loved him.  I was standing in the kitchen and he came walking out and I bent over to talk to him and he lifted up and put his head right to my face and I was able to kiss him right on the top of his head.After that I was able to kiss him everyday.... Thank-you Judah for ALL the love and laughter.But most of all for being part of our family we sure do miss you....







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