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Pet Parents: LuAnn and Owen

Rainbow Bridge Arrival Date: August 1st, 2008


Josie's Moment:  I have so many awesome memories of our precious Josie. He was quite the character.  When Owen would start our grill on the deck it started with a clicking sound (which Josie knew so well) and Josie would race through the kitten door that leads to the deck and sit by the front of the grill and wait. Our deck has no stairs so it is safe from below for our cats, but mice tend to climb up the posts and make a cute little home in the base of the grill. So when Josie heard Owen start it, (or if we said, "Josie, where's the mouse") he knew he had a chance to catch one of the mice flying from the newly started grill. One time he did catch one and he brought it over to his new friend Sulley, when he was a kitten, and he was teaching him how to catch a mouse. It was so neat watching him show Sulley what to do. But Josie never ate the mice, he just terrorized them a bit.  He knew if anyone was sad or sick and he would be right there to make you feel better. He was called "Our little Ambassador" and welcomed all humans and especially cats. When our son moved back from California, he brought his 4 cats with them and stayed with us for a month. One of his cats, Ally, wouldn't leave the bedroom and remained under the bed, she was very frightened of her new surroundings. Josie would go in the bedroom and lay under the bed with her until she felt calm enough to roam the rest of the house, it took about a week., and he followed her making sure she was OK.  But my favorite of all of the millions of memories is when I was creating a centerpiece for my parents 50th wedding anniversary and I had artificial flowers all over the floor in front of me, Josie had been watching me very intently and then he was gone (I thought to go play or eat). Owen & I heard a thump, thump, thump, coming up the stairs. Here comes Josie with a ribbon between his teeth which was tied around an artificial bouquet of flowers from our daughters bathroom. He had drug that bouquet all the way from Ginalee's bathroom, up the stairs and to the living room, I guess in case I needed more flowers. That is the day we knew he was exceptional. I took a picture of him with the flowers that day so that I never forget what he did. He was only 9 months old.  Thank you for letting me share with you the most incredible gift I have ever received in my life, besides my family. What a gift. I guess I need to write a book with all of these beautiful memories of my boy.







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