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Pet Parents: Heather

Rainbow Bridge Arrival Date: February 11, 2008


Leo's Moment: Leonardo DaVinci Mischievous came to me at 2 weeks old as a surrender at the vet clinic I worked at. Since I couldn't have children at the time, he became like a child to me. He was very smart (he once crawled across to the end table and pulled his bottle over to me and proceeded to hit me in the face with it until I woke up to feed him-at 3 weeks old!), and he loved visiting his veterinarians and the pet store in his leash and harness.  Everyone who saw Leo loved him. He went with me everywhere.  At 12 weeks old, Leo was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia. I did not yield to the popular act of euthanizing him- he was perfectly healthy otherwise.  On Feb. 11, 2008, Leo finally crossed to Heaven's Meadow after a hard fought battle. But even with a blood count of 6% (normal is 35%), it still took 4 of us to hold him down- even though he couldn't stand anymore. In his honor, I have created a website to promote pro-life beliefs for leukemia cats and educating the public about feline leukemia. I promised Leo on  his death bed that he would be the face of feline leukemia- and I never make a promise I can't keep.




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