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Pet Parents: Lisa

Rainbow Bridge Arrival Date: September 22, 2008


About Dante:

Likes: He loves jumping in the bathtub when the faucet is dripping water. He'll lick the water until just a few drops fall. Then, he tries to catch each one with precision! He always comes to find me afterward to tell me how wet he is.
Pet-Peeves: He HATES getting liquid medicine (necessary now that he's sick)
Favorite Toy: Dante LOVES his laser light. He stalks it with such determination, as if it's real prey.
Favorite Nap Spot: Dante loves quiet places, like the closet or a secluded area of the house. Now that he's sick, he sleeps for hours in his kitty condo, all cozy and safe.
Favorite Food: He adores high-quality dry food but he also loves meaty canned dog food.
Skills: Dante used to go play outside at my mom's house for exercise. He'd chase me over to her house, running but more like hopping with his back arched and tail upward--he looked like a squirrel monkey!!


FIP Story:Dante was rescued from the local pound, a high kill shelter that kills over 18,000 animals each year (both sick and healthy; puppies and kittens; and pregnant animals too). My mom had convinced me, a dog person who disliked cats, that cats were the best companion for a college student in an apartment. I reluctantly went in search of the perfect cat, which my mom insisted was a Siamese mix. We found Dante after looking at other shelters. We landed at the pound and found another cat first. His name was Midnight and they notified us he couldn't be adopted. Unfortunately, Midnight was put to sleep, although he looked very healthy. We went to the kitten room and found the most peaceful Siamese kitten! He was so gorgeous! I held him on my lap and he was so sweet, but unbeknownst to me--lethargic, drooling, and flea-ridden. I happily adopted him, took him to the vet, and bathed him. After his vaccines, I thought he was going to die! He was so sick and slept for days! After that, he was a normal 6 month old kitten--playing, running, hunting...and sometimes tearing wool blankets to shreds with his huge teeth! A year later, Dante became ill with diarrhea and vomiting. At the vet, he diagnosed him with a linear foreign object, which required immediate surgery. I paid for surgery, went home, and was shocked on Monday when the vet called. Dante was most likely infected with Feline Infectious Peritonitis, a rare, incurable disease that affects young cats (particularly from shelters or catteries). After biopsy results came back, the prognosis was grim, but he came home so I could keep him comfortable in his last weeks, or months. Dante had what is called "dry" FIP, where there is no fluid in his abdominal cavity. Dante lost his battle to FIP on Monday, September 22, 2008. He was only 15 months old and will be dearly missed!



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