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Pet Parents: Bonnie

Rainbow Bridge Arrival Date: September 28, 2007


Arie's Moment: Undisclosed.

FIP Story: I was taking a friend of mine to her place to help her move. On the way we passed by a shabby little pet store. My friend said "Let's go in." I said "No I can't. I'll get in trouble in there." We went in. In the back of the store there was a cage with at least 3 litters of kittens in it. Some were very small. All were sick. Three were black and white tuxedo kittens. They couldn't have been more then 4 or 5 weeks old. I took the smallest, sickest one and called him Aries. I took him directly to the emergency vet. They gave him subq fluid as he was extremly dehydrated. All these kittens had to eat was kibble. They were far too small and teeth too immature to even eat it. Aries was so skinny and quite sick. When I got him home I gave him some canned food. He devoured the whole can like the nearly starved to death baby he was. For about 3 months he ate and grew. He was filling the huge hole in my heart that was left by the loss on my 3 year old boy Leo in May to CRF. I was gifted a Bengal kitten (Michael) shortly before I got Aries. The breeder insisted on vaccines so I allowed it. They also offered to do Aries at the same time. I allowed it. A month later Aries was acting "off" I took him to my vet. He had a fever and was lethargic. He was treated for Herpes. A week passed and then two with no change. The vet mentioned FIP and euthanizing. I refused to believe it. I took Aries to another specialist and then to UC Davis to Leo's doctors who I trusted above all others. They said the same thing ... FIP. We started treatment with FOI and pred. At the same time I was also taking him to a homeopathic vet but he hated going there. He hated the vet tech that always tried to handle him. That was the only person Aries ever hissed at or tried to bite. It stressed him really bad so I stopped taking him there. Over the next month Aries slowly lost the use of his back legs until the day came when he could no longer walk. He cried out and reached for me when they injected him. I will never forget that. I said goodbye to this beautiful Soul on September 28, 2007 at only 5 months old. I promised him I would never subject another kitten or cat to vaccines. They're deadly.



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