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Josie's FIP Memorial



April 11, 2002 - August 1, 2008


Our sweet, precious, 6 year young Josie boy had been suffering with a strange illness. After 5 - 6 visits to our local vet, blood tests, antibiotics, etc. for 2 months we finally got a possible reason. Our vet took some of Josie's belly fluid, tested it & confirmed FIP. We tried everything possible including a visit overnight at the University of Minnesota Small Animal Veterinary Hospital. They did every test possible (as FIP is VERY difficult to confirm), to come to the conclusion that his poor little body had been ravaged by the disease FIP so bad that nothing could be done. His body was eating his muscle mass because he was no longer eating. They called us and gave us the bad news, Josie only had days to live. We drove down & sat with our little man, loved him, stroked his most precious face, held & kissed his beautiful paws & told him how much he meant to us each and everyday we were blessed to have him. I requested they give him some Valium so he could relax and he did, for the first time in 2 months, he looked so rested. We then set him free. I weep for you my baby boy. I now live to see your sweet face again and enjoy your special tricks. Rest In Peace my sweet child. 


Click HERE for Further Information on the FIP Vaccine Warning 


FIP is a horrible & devastating disease that takes a feline life so quickly from it's loving human, and diagnosis of  is extremely difficult. Some people on the internet claim to have cured their cats of FIP, but it probably was just misdiagnosed and was some other ailment. FIP mimics many other diseases, and our veterinarian told us that the only absolute positive test is with a biopsy. The fluid in a cat with wet FIP can give some help in diagnosis, but is not always enough. For more information about this awful disease as well as some other vaulable resources, please go through our site, and we hope that you find it helpful in your time of need.





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